ShatrunjayaTirtha is situated near the Shartunjaya dam on way toTalaja from Palitana.This is a vast Jina temple in which there is the lofty, vast, black and charming image of Shri Shatrunjaya Parshvanatha Bhagavan, the foremost of Jinas. This idol and the other idols all-round were installed on the tenth day of the bright half of the month of Vaishakh in V.S. 2030. Under the inspiration and sermonizing of the most revered Achary DevaShri Vijayanandanasurishvaraji this tirtha was raised at a distance of six miles from
Palitana and about Vz furlong from the Shatunjaya river. Shah Khumchand Ratanchand Jorajiand Shah Sornchand Chunibhai had the good fortune to get orders of the Sangha and to construct this temple and instal the image there. We also have an inn, a canteen and Upashraya at the place. Devoted pilgrims who undertake nineteen pilgrimages of Shri Shatrunjaya Giriraja complex, do not fail to pay a revered visit to Shri Dada going up the bridge near Rohitashala after paying worshipful respects to the PADUKAS of the feet of Shri Adishvar Bhagavan on the banks of the river aftertaking a dip in the Shatrunjaya river. In this Rohitashala, it was at the sacred hands of Acharya Shri Vijayanemisurishvaraji Maharaj, a master of all Scriptures, that the temple of Bhagavan Shri Adishvara, the inn etc. were constructed. All these temples, inn etc. were feared to be submerged in waters due to construction of the Shatrunjaya dam. This novel Tirtha was therefore constructed and all the idols of the Jina temple complex were religiously installed in this new Jaina temple. This dam-tirtha continues to develop and flourish under the able administration of the business-house of Sheth Shri Jinadasa Dharmadasa.