The Tera town is situated at a distance of some 84 kms. from Bhuj. In the middle of the town is installed in a temple, the idol ofMULANAYAKAShri JiravalaParshvanath Bhagavan; it is almost 68 cms. in height and in Padmasana posture. In addition to this Jina temple, the Tera town is famous on all sides because of its strong castle. It enhances the glory of its being one of the fivetirthas in Abadasa. The art of the nine peaks of this temple is renowned: its flags fluttering on its nine peaks become a piece of delight and attraction for pilgrims from a far-off distance. The temple, with it majesty and beautiful art also attracts attention. Here also the art and external appearance of the nine peaks fills our eyes and hearts with all delight. There is avast quadrangle around the temple. We also come here across 110 Jina idols and 74 SIDDHACHAKRAS. In V.S. 1915Sheth Hirajibhai Dosabhai and Sheth Pasavira Raimal—two Jaina Shreshthis got this temple constructed. Even the eulogy of these two is carved on the walls of the temple-square. The last renovation of this temple took place in 2027 V.S. at the auspicious hands of Acharya Shri Gunasagarasurishvarji. In the vicinity of this temple we see a beautiful temple of Shri Shamalia Parshvanath Bhagavan. The glass-work with its picturousness here is extremely beautiful. This temple was constructed some 300 years back by Goraji Hirachand Tarachand. There are 13 other idols in the temple. In the Jnanamandira here, we have an artistic Tirthapata.