The tirtha is situated in the midst of a lake on the outskirts of the Pavapuri Village, 10 kms. from the Pavapuri Road railway station. It is like the sacred spot of the emancipation ofShri Mahavi rSwami, the last of the Tirthankaras, who raised the sinners high. In the water-temple we have foot-steps of Shri MahavirBhagavan, black in complexion and 18 cms. in size. This spot is the land of the last preaching and emancipation of Shri Bhagavan. A fragrance of sacredness can therefore be experienced in the atmosphere. It is also believed that the first preaching of Bhagavan Mahavir took place here. A new and
beautiful temple of Samavasarana is constructed here. Again, this is the place of the first meeting of Indrabhuti Gautama with Mahavir Bhagavan: and being influenced by his personality he got himself in the fold ofShri Prabhuand became his firstGanadhara. On this sacred spot, in the midst of the lake full of lot uses, the scene of the temple naturally brings to our mind the holy impressions ofShri Mahavir Swami. Mahavir Bhagavan delivered here sermons constantly for sixteen days and then attained Nirvana- emancipation. On every day of emancipation every year, on the Dipavali day, a fair of devotees is held here. Besides the water-temple and the temple in the village, there are temples of old Samavasarana, of Mahetabkunvar, new Samavasarana and of Shri Jinayashasuri, also as guru-temple. The idol in five metals, installed by Shri Abhayadevasuriji, is pleasant to view. In the Jain Scriptures, this sacred Pavapuri town is known as "Madhyama Pava." This is because there were three towns of the name "Pava" as "Apapapuri". Yet it seems that this came to beknown as "Pavapuri". To-day, the ancient town Pavapuri is divided into two villages - "Pava" and "Puri". A distance of one mile separates the two; the tirtha of the Jainas is in Puri.