In Kutch, Mandavi is renowned as a glorious city of Jainadharma.Mandavi, the famous port in Kutch has seven temples of Jain in it. In Ambabazaar, in the vicinity of Vora Lane, we have the temple in which is installed the idol of Bhagavan Shantinath. This charming and majestic Jina temple has three idols of stone and four of metal. The local Sanghahad constructed this temple in V.S. 1850. In the Dadavadi here, we have an idol of MULANAYAKA Bhagavan Parshvanath. Here also are found installed three idols in
stone and four in metal. This temple was got constructed in V.S. 1960 by the widow of Rayasi Amarachand. In the city there are four temples 'of Bhagavan Shri Dharmanath, Bhagavan Shri Shitalanath, Bhagavan Shri Shantinath and Shri Mahavir Swami. On the port we have the temple of Shri Ajitnath Bhagavan. In the city we have inns, canteens, Jainavadi, Pathashala, Upashrayas and also some libraries of manuscripts. The small Panchatirtha of Kutch consists of the tirthas at Mundra, Bhujapur, Moti Khakhar as also Nanikhakhar, Bidada and Kutch.