Mahuva town is situated on the sea-shore and the green lap of cocoanut trees. Its old name was Madhumati. In the midst of this town is the temple of Shri Jeevit Swami. The Mahuva tirtha is considered to be one of the five tirthas of Shatrunjaya. This tirtha has an idol of ShriMahavira Swami Bhagavan. It is white in complexion, 91 cms .in sizeandin the Padmasana posture. The idol is known as Jivita Swami and it is referred to as such in the fourteenth century by Upadhyaya Shri Vinayaprabhavijayaji in "Tirthamala". The last renovation of the tirtha was inspired and arranged by Shri Nemisurishvaraji Maharaj Saheb in the year 1885 (V. S.) on the thirteenth day of the bright half of the month Maha. Conventionally this town is renowned for giving birth to and presenting to the Jina order great jewels of the Jinas. It is also the birth-place of the saviors of the tirthas like Acharya Shri Vijayanemisurishvaraji and Acharya Shri Vijayadharmasurishvaraji. The last renovator of this tirtha is, emperor of the Jina order Shri Vijayanemisurishvaraji.and the grand Jina temple named "Shri Nemivihara" has become a place of pilgrimage for devotees of the Jaina faith. Just the same way, since reverd Acharya Shri Vijayanemisurishvaraji breathed his last in this same town, a lofty Jina temple is constructed at the spot where his last funeral rites tooks place. This temple betrays the sacred and. inspiring memory of this great Acharya. There is again, in this town, a vast temple-complex of Shri Keshariaji Adinatha Bhagavan.