Kothara is situated at a distance of 80 Kms. from Bhuj. In the heart of the town we have Shri Kothara tirtha; it is one of the five (Panchatirtha) in Abadasa of Kutch-Bhu). In this Panchatirtha also the tirtha is more attractive and artistic because of inner and outer art decoration with its eight peaks. From a far-off distance pilgrims are delighted by the flags fluttering on the temples. The peaks and the festival-pandal (Rangamandapa) with their exquisitely nice art and architecture, merge the hearts of the pilgrims in exquisite delight. The sky-scrapper temple is 76 x 64 feet in length and breadth; it is 74 feet in height. Here
we have the idol of MULANAYAKA Shri Shantinath Bhagavan; it is white in colour, 90 cms. inheight and in Padamasana posture. In the temple we have a festival-pandal, arched-gates and pillars with all exquisite artistry, its glass-work is also pleasant. The construction of this temple was mainly due to the important part played by Sheth Keshavaji Nayak, a resident of this town itself and the one who got constructed the 'Keshavaji Nayak Tunk' on the Shatrunjaya mountain. Shet Valaji Malu and Sheth Shivji Nenasi co-operated with him and got the temple constructed and the idols ceremoniously installed in V.S. 1918, at the sacred hands of Acharya Ratnasagarasurishvaraji of ANCHALA GACCHA on the auspicious day of the 13th of the bright half of the month of Maha.