The Girnar mountain in the neighborhood of Junagadh in Saurashtra is referred to as Ujjayantagiri or Raivatagiri in the Scriptures. This is considered to be Neminath mountain or fifth peak of the Shatrunjay mountain. There are references to so many Chakravartis, monarchs and Shresthis going on pilgrimage to and around the Raivata mountain, from the time of the first trithankara to the time of the last tirthankara. In this tirtha we have an idol of Shri Neminath Bhagavan; it is black in complexion, 140cms. in height and in
Padmasana posture. The peaks of this lofty mountain have grown sacred and blessed because of the religious ceremony of initiation to munihood, acquirement of absolute knowledge and attainment to Nirvana-emancipation of Shri Neminatha being performed at the same spot. The peaks touching theskies fill to the brim the hearts of devotees with sacred feelings. It is said that this idol of Neminath Bhagavan was brought to shape by the Indra of the fifth divine world on the sermonizing rendered by the tirthankara of the last group of twenty four. It is also believed that this idol remained in the world of Indra
till the time of Neminath Bhagavan andthenwasinstalledinthehome—templeofShri Krishna. When the city of Dwarka was consumed to ashes, Goddess Ambika kept it well protected. Being delighted by the severe austerities of Ratnashah, goddess Ambika handed over this idol to him and it was ceremoniously installed once more. There are references to the reparation and renovation of this tirtha by Ratnashah and Ajitshah in the sixth century and byVastupal andTejpal as also Sajjanshah, a minister of Siddharaj in the
twelfth century. We also get references to renovation by so many kings, ministers and Shreshthis. We come across two other Shvetambara temples. The art and architecture of the peaks of the temples, ceilings and pillars is simply marvellous and delighting.